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Version: 4.x

Data storages

Here is a list of all the data storages required by the Zealot service, for those who are able to manually backup and restore data before better backup management tools are available.


This is used to store and manage all data related to Zealot, so it goes without saying.


Currently only the sidekiq asynchronous task service is using it to store some task status and statistics.

File storage​

The Zealot service relies on postgresql, redis and some other disk storage for uploaded application and debug files. It is currently stored in the filesystem in the public/uploads directory.

  • apps The directory for uploading applications
  • debugs_files directory for uploading debug files

Backup storage​

The Zealot service currently supports command-generated backup data, which will contain the database and binary packages of the uploaded apps and debug files.

The backup data is currently stored in the file system in the public/backup directory.