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Version: 5.0.0


Use the Zealot APIs to view, upload, download the build of app or debug file.


Requests currently only support query authentication for User Token, found in API - Key at the bottom of the login user details page.

example : https://YOUR_ZEALOT_URL/api?token=YOUR_TOKEN


The current version is v1, the APIs does not need to explicitly pass the version parameter, and the GraphGL interface is being developed gradually.


ResourceAvailable endpoints
Upload an App/api/apps/upload
List Apps/api/apps
Get an App by id/api/apps/:id
List verions from an App/api/apps/versions
Get the latest Release from an App/api/apps/latest
Check an Release from App exists/api/apps/version_exist

Debug files​

ResourceAvailable endpoints
Upload a debug file/api/debug_files/upload
Download a debug file by id/api/debug_files/download
List Debug files/api/debug_files
Get an debug file by id/api/debug_files/:id
Check a debug file exists by id/api/debug_files/version_exist
Update a debug file by id/api/debug_files/:id
Delete a debug file by id/api/debug_files/:id