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User Permissions and roles

Zealot offers four types of user permissions.

  • Guest can view and download mostly data but can't make changes if enable guest mode.
  • Member can view and download all data, but can't make changes.
  • Developer can manage app services (e.g. create app/scheme/channel, upload app/debug file).
  • Administrator can manage system settings, apple teams, app settings, collaborators etc.


These are the all roles in Zealot and the actions each can take:

ActionGuest (On/Off)MemberDeveloperAdministrator


View all data✓/✕✓✓✓
View app list✓/✕✓ Only if you belong✓✓
View app scheme(s) and channel(s) detail✓/✕✓ Only if you belong✓✓
View the build(release) of app✓✓✓✓
View webhook list✓/✕✓ Only if you belong✓✓
Upload/Install/Download app✓ Except upload app✓✓
Create/Edit/Delete an app✓✓
Create/Edit/Delete a scheme/channel of app✓✓
Delete a given version of app✓✓
Test a webhook network connection✓✓
Enable/Disable webhook✓✓
Delete an app✓✓
View app collaborators✓✓
Edit/destory app collaborators✓


View debug file list✓/✕✓✓✓
View debug file detail✓/✕✓✓✓
Download debug file✓✓✓✓
Upload/Delete a debug file✓✓


View teardown list✓/✕✓✓✓
View teardown detail✓/✕✓✓✓
Delete a teardown✓✓


View and manage users✓
View and manage webhooks✓
View and manage Apple developer accounts✓
View and manage settings✓
View system informations✓
View and manage background jobs✓
View realtime logging✓


Add permissions management for individual applications since #1496. These are the all roles within an App and the actions each can take:

RolesCreate AppSee all AppsAdd CollaboratorManage AppUpload App
Member✕✓ Only if you belong✕✕✕
Developer✓✓ Only if you belong✕✓✓