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Version: 5.3.0


Zealot provides a webhook for message notifications for each application channel. The webhook is a fully customizable structure that can be used for most notification services, such as Wecom, Dingtalk, Slack, etc.

Payload (default)

Each parameter of the default structure has its value provided as a variable, and each variable starts with @, the default structure will be used if the custom structure is left empty when creating the webhook. The following variables are all provided.

event: @event,
username: @username,
email: @email,
title: @title,
app_name: @name,
device_type: @device_type,
release_version: @release_version,
build_version: @build_version,
size: @file_size,
changelog: @changelog,
install_url: @install_url,
icon_url: @icon_url,
qrcode_url: @qrcode_url,
uploaded_at: @uploaded_at


"event": "upload_events",
"username": "foobar",
"email": "",
"title": "Zealot upload 1.0.0 version",
"app_name": "Zealot",
"device_type": "iOS",
"release_version": "1.0.0",
"build_version": "1",
"size": "30 MB",
"install_url": "https://zealot.test/api/apps/download/12354",
"icon_url": "https://zealot.test/api/apps/icon.png",
"qrcode_url": "https://zealot.test/api/apps/354/qrcode",
"uploaded_at": "2019-12-30 11:33:00",
"changelog": "- Add feture A\n- Fix issue B\n- Release v1.0.0",